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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to you, this humanitarian nonprofit organization will bring much-needed healthcare to those who need it the most throughout the world. We know you’ll have many questions before joining us, so please take a moment to review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is the Worldwide Healthcare Initiative?


WHI is a non-profit organization comprised of holistic healthcare professionals—including acupuncturists, chiropractors, and massage therapists—who volunteer to bring health services to people around the world. In some occasions we will also partner with veterinarians to assist with animal healthcare services in low-income areas. 


Will I be monetarily compensated for my services?

As a volunteer, you won't be monetarily compensated.  This is a volunteer opportunity that can help you fulfill a higher professional and/or personal commitment to caring for humankind. As such, volunteers are also responsible for their travel costs, which are not provided by the organization. 


Why should I join the WHI?


If you're looking to expand your horizons in the field of public, community or global health, or to engage in humanitarian healthcare activism, WHI offers a unique opportunity to tackle barriers to proper healthcare access and services around the world. With a highly multidisciplinary team, we are able to provide a variety of options and strategies that can help those with different or unique circumstances. Being exposed to a highly integrative and multidisciplinary team offers an excellent professional opportunity for mentorship and partnership. W


Where are the future WHI travel destinations?


We will be releasing these in the Spring 2019. 


Who should I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?

Please contact Maxie Blasini, Liaison of WHI, at

We will continue to update our FAQs with the questions we receive from you. 


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