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Shant Baboujian, DAOM, L.Ac

Costa Rica #2, May 2019

I am glad to have joined this expedition to Costa Rica. With work being play, playing with other acupuncturists who follow the same lineage in a foreign playground was a vacation. We treated over 200 patients and were eager to treat more. The treasure hidden behind all this was being shoulder to shoulder with Shifu. Absolutely, a great hands-on learning experience. But simply having meals together, sitting and talking with a nightcap, or strolling the streets, there was a permeation/transmission that occurred from Shifu to us. Although I was very eager to treat so many people, I felt the purity and intensity of Dr. Eileen Han’s desire to teach Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Method to the generations ahead. My take-aways from the trip were inspiration, confidence, love, gratitude, simplicity, and patience. Soon, I am happy how we met at the airport, your expressions/impressions, and your opera. 

Kim, you truly emanate candlelight and you I appreciate your easygoingness and love.

Tony, thank you for your provisions and welcoming heart. I am greatly impressed by your veterinary discoveries and teaching ability.

Shifu, thank you for your humor, acceptance, and transmission. I am encouraged by you and ready with a shovel!


Kim Nguyen, L.Ac, Dipl.OM, MSTCM 

Costa Rica #2, May 2019

My experience volunteering with WHI was phenomenal and something I will take with me into my practice. It exceeded all of my expectations and I would do it all over again! Working with other acupuncturists who have the same passion for BM Acupuncture and being part of this global experience reminded me of how powerful we are together as a profession and that we can share this medicine with so many communities, not just our own.

I learned so much from my supervisor, Dr. Eileen Yue Ling Han. Her mission to provide medicine all over the world and uphold acupuncturists to an elite level of training is outstanding. From her engaging courses, clinical internships and humanitarian trips, she provides so much not only to patients but to our profession; ensuring that this knowledge will be passed down to future generations around the world. I continue to be inspired and amazed by her work, the Worldwide Healthcare Initiative and The Academy Of Acupuncture! Thank you for all that you do.


Soon Min Lee, L.Ac, DAOM

Costa Rica #2, May 2019

Wow, what an incredible experience! Made possible by the Worldwide Healthcare Initiative we were able to serve hundreds of people over just a few days. We learned so much from the people we were serving. "Pura Vida" literally translated means simple or pure life. In Costa Rica, it is their mantra, their way of life.
I had such a great time bonding with locals, connecting with veterinarian acupuncturists, making life long memories with colleagues, and learning invaluable gems from the curator of spreading Balance Method acupuncture around the world, Shifu Dr. Eileen Han.


Lisa Walborsky, L.Ac, Dipl.OM, MSTCM

Costa Rica #1, February 2019

Dear Shifu: Thank you so much for creating the volunteer experience under your guidance! The Costa Rica trip, in conjunction with another master practitioner, Dr. Alfaro, was extraordinary!  We were the first group to go and help the less fortunate workers who do not have access to medical help.  The government sent help for their horses (necessary for their livelihoods) but, not for the people themselves. So, this initiative was groundbreaking, and HUGELY successful.  The first day a few brave souls ventured over to experience the Balance Method acupuncture.  Within hours after their departure, the word spread, and others poured in, non-stop, to be helped with a wide range of problems. In the beginning, I was tentative about treating, because our Shifu was watching us closely (my first BM CORE class Feb 2017).  She allowed us to watch her in action with the first 20 patients, then we were told to do the treatments.  It was amazing how everyone communicated, even though we didn't speak the language! I learned so much in such a short time, and my confidence in diagnosing, and needling effectively, quickly, soared. It was such an empowering experience.  And, there was so much love from our  teachers, other practitioners and patients. It was genuinely gratifying knowing that we made an impactful difference in these people's lives....and they gave to us, as well. They trusted us to treat them, and were enormously grateful. I learned many insightful questions to ask, as well as new points to needle for successful treatments. I am grateful for the opportunity of going to a magical place, with magical people.  Our Shifu is honoring her Shifu, Dr. Tan, by expanding his reach to many new places, and touching the lives of so many practitioners and patients, as well. If you haven't volunteered, yet....make plans to go soon!  It is a special, joyful and fulfilling experience, beyond anything you might imagine! 

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